Best Mirrorless Cameras for Photographers

SLRs and DSLRs have been the best for a while now but the new wave has hit the market and it taking the world of photography by storm. A mirrorless camera is compact, small, easier to handle, but at the same time provides equal quality pictures (if not more) as a digital SLR provides.

The basic difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is the absence of a prism mirror combination which owes to making the viewfinder. Some mirrorless cameras do have a viewfinder but are no more than electronic work. It is advantageous in its compact body making it portable without cutting out any features provided by a Single Lens Reflex Cameras.

With a crowd of such cameras flooding online shopping portals today, choosing one of out of so many if always difficult. To aid you here, we’re all set to provide you an array of handpicked mirrorless cameras for photographers divided into three categories – top choices, second top picks and honorable mentions.

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This mirrorless camera gives a good balance between its large sensor size and physical weight. The APS crop sensor format is as good as well known Sony a6000 series’. Also, easy to use and holds separate dials for separate modes. You can either set it on the auto dial and sit free with your clicks or use it manually really easily too. Not only does it have a good viewfinder and a quicker frame rate but also its lens system is equivalent to a full frame system lens. Lastly, a basic question of authenticity stands since Fuji is not the best brand in the area but the promise it shows this year is rising exceptionally. One stand out feature is the free updates they release that can be easily downloaded and installed into your camera making it as good as new.

This mirrorless camera shows none of the lag in autofocus, unlike its competitors. The focus is almost instantaneous and with a commendable accuracy even in lower light levels. It holds an inbuilt image stabilization system into its camera rather than the holding it in the lens like the usual practice. Though the trade off is visible in the pictures but see for yourself if it is worth it to you depending on your requirement of photography. This model slightly modified from EM5 has wifi and lighter body but other than that that the two are almost similar. If you can compromise for money saving, might as well check out EM5 with its upgraded version.

This mirrorless camera has the low light photo feature of improved quality, all thanks to its new sensor on top of 24-megapixel resolution, which is already followed up from its series. Though lighter in design, its metal body gives it a much sturdier frame added with weather sealing. It also has a superb and sharp 4k video quality and a mic jack externally. The autofocus feature is much quicker than before. The upgrades coming into it make it worth a professional photographer and also make it costlier than ever. But standing in league with above on the top, this a6300 model makes it a hard choice for the photographers.


This 24-megapixel mirrorless camera is a crowd pleaser with its affordable rates and high-quality providence in terms of features and functionality. An OLED EVF comes in its close-knit sleek body with a tilting rear display and a Wi-Fi. Not only it has an inbuilt flash and a multi-function hot-shoe, but can also support a variety of accessories like larger flashes and of course lenses. An XLR adapter can also be used to balance the sound input. Top it with a 1080 p video quality and an 11.1 frame per second clicks and you have nothing more to ask for. A crowd pleaser!

The most stand-out feature of this mirrorless camera is its 4k video quality which takes videos many times better than your 1080p, as well as capture from that footage at a speed of 30 frames per second. Easily maneuverable on body controls, this model is meant for a wider variety of tasks with good quality output in each, unlike many others in this field. Fully developed touch screen flexibility shows that this model has well managed and developed controls. A detailed viewfinder is needless to say, always a plus. Low light focus, full resolution 8 fps photographs and Wi-Fi just add to the list of pros for this one. What drops its rating on this list is the lag caused due to focus tracking and a plastic body frame.

This mirrorless interchangeable lens camera might be expensive but a league of its own since upgrading from the A7R series. An amazing 42.4-megapixel camera with a built-in image stabilizer makes it very impressive. An electronic first curtain shutter makes for a much better higher resolution. Also, a 4k video and an image sensor with backward illumination with low light photography improved, it stands second in line with Sony and Panasonic models offering the similar guidance to a photographer. Even with improved features it is only the second best in the line for recommendation due to its costly price. Looking for similar but affordable? Go for Sony A7R!

This mirrorless camera makes good for a beginner in photography on the right path to be a pro. Its inbuilt guideline for a novice is a good add on. Its portability and coming in handy factor is the most selling factor combined with high-quality features. It weighs only 14 ounces slipping easily into a pouch. Its autofocus uses the contrast detection coupled with phase detection. A 3 inch LCD screen that tilts up 180 degrees makes for good selfie use. With its real good low light image quality like a professional camera and smooth video capability what more is needed.


In the line of micro four third mirrorless camera, this is go-to for you. It can handle some serious shots in many kinds of situations and handle a 4k video easily. For video quality, if you thought A7R 2 was good, you’d be beyond impressed with this one. Availability of lens variety in this category is commendable too. At a good 12 frame per second, it also has a customizable control system. If you can bear with low ISOs, this mirrorless kind is easily a good choice.

A tilting touch screen, some extra add-on controls and featuring phase detection, this mirrorless portable thing is good for novices. Maybe not much difference from EM5 model but some worthy upgrades are in the bag with this one. Its inbuilt viewfinder had also upped its game with better size and resolution. Its wide range of lens compatibility also includes many older setting lenses includes lenses of four thirds camera type. Also as a unique feature, it is best to carry it for outdoor purposes with its magnesium alloy structure. Not very upgraded in term of video capability; this Olympus model will not let you down in comparison to Panasonic in any other respect.

As mentioned earlier on Fujifilm is not the best in this market but a lot of promise has come forth in the near past. One such promise is reflected in Fujifilm’s XT1 model of the X-series. It is a personal favorite of many amateurs and non-professional. It is so because of its more old school feel even over its technicalities. A built in wifi and weather proofing is too good on top of a good autofocus and a good display. But do not mistakenly choose it for its video quality even though the still photographs are to die for. A little back stepped on the technical parts being very basic, one can’t look over its picture quality. Needless to say has a good lens system to go with it too.

This articulated 3-inch touch screen LCD model of the mirrorless camera has a micro four thirds image sensor. It has a 16-megapixel camera with all your basic needs fulfilled. Not only does it had a support system for add-on EVF but also a body inbuilt stabilization system. It also takes burst shoot up to 8.1 frames per second. Not for professionals and yet highly commendable job done, its price is eye catching for one of the respectable brands in this area.

Are you an outdoor person exploring the photographer in you? Then this is the one you might want to look up. Not only it has all the aspects of easy to use for any amateur but also an exceptional quality to shoot 20fps and go along with DSLR lenses, even if as weird as it may look. It also offers an advanced system of Hybrid AF but be careful to look for a viewfinder because this Nikon model doesn’t have one. With good potential in attracting the general public, this is worth a check:

Here were some of the best in the market at your affordability for all kinds of photographers and photography. Check them out and start now while the availability is still on.




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