Canon 1dx Mark2: A Camera With Powerful Performance

Photography is no child’s play. It involves years of work behind the lens capturing those small nuances. And before you know it, it is a passion and sometimes a profession.  Talking about professional cameras brings us to the Canon 1DX Mark 2. This is one of the best in its field, capturing sports, wildlife, reportage, weddings, media services and so much more. It is a photographer’s best friend in tough environments. Touted as one of the best cameras in the market, this product is known to score high in almost every department starting from its sleek design to ease of use and lens compatibility.



  • Clarity and sensors

Arguably the primary feature than any camera enthusiast will notice is the clarity which a camera offers. Canon 1DX Mark 2 here makes sure that you get a clear and crisp picture with the help of its 20.2-megapixel imaging sensor which comes with full frame CMOS sensors. There are a number of positives that comes with this particular arrangement. Firstly, it makes sure that you can record more pixels which are sure to play its part as far as the clarity of the pictures is concerned. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, you will find gapless microlenses in this camera which assist it to perform better, providing lower ISO noise, especially in low-light situations. Low light photography is one of the most testing activities for a photographer. This is where the Canon 1DX Mark 2 proves its worth.

  • Speed

One of the compliments the Canon 1DX Mark 2 has garnered over time is that it can take pictures literally in the blink of an eye. This claim is substantiated by the fact that it can take up to 14 fps with RAW Jpeg which is bettered at 16 fps when the camera is in the Live Mode. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF also comes into effect here, bringing in swifter focus tracking. A prominent feature that you will find here is the mirror mechanism which is responsible for allowing the user to operate the camera at highly increased speeds without any kind of vibration or noise.

  • The AF performance

It must be said that the manufacturers have not left any stones unturned as far as improving the AF performance of the camera is concerned. With reliable and precise AF along with dependable AF tracking, it is no surprise the Canon 1DX Mark 2 is one of the most sought cameras in the market. It is not every day you will find that a camera gives you 41 cross type points along with 61 point High-Density Reticular AF II systems.  This particular combination is what assists in expanding the AF area by a decent 8.6% centrally and by a whopping 24% when it comes to the peripheral frame. Given that you have the option of a wider subject tracking feature, you will find that the overall focus tracking becomes pretty easy even with changes in positioning and speed of the subject. A prominent change that has come about with respect to the AF of the Canon 1DX Mark 2 is the inclusion of an improved AI Servo AF III algorithm which enables the camera to enhance and filter precision even further. The fact that the camera is the first full frame device with Dual Pixel CMOS AF is also worth a mention here. This autofocus technology allows the camera to capture quick shots with high-performance focus tracking. Finally, we would like to advise you to use the automatic AF selection modes to get the best results unless you want to handle it manually.

  • Video making

This camera facilitates continuous video recording in 4K up to 60 fps. This can be attributed to the Dual DIGIC6 + processor and CFast cards. This is a rather good option here for an EOS camera because other products with 4K video shooting can cost a fortune! HD recording can go as high as 120 fps. One aspect that really aids the purpose of video making is the continuous autofocus during the shooting process. However, the focus can be selected manually as well through the new touch LCD screen.

As we are now privy with the different features of the Canon 1DX Mark 2, let us assess the camera further by checking out the various advantages and disadvantages of the product to understand its true value.


  • Correctional functions

There is always a possibility of image degradation which is why the manufacturers have put in certain optical correction functions here to counter such issues. This helps in protecting the image quality and that too without any noticeable delay. Moreover, any kind of pincushion or barrel distortions can be taken care of, thanks to the Distortion correction feature of the camera.

  • Burst

This camera boasts of having the maximum burst rate in the market and has the ability to capture close to 170 RAWs at a go.

  • Image Processors

Thanks to the Dual DIGIC 6+ processors, the Canon 1DX Mark 2 is able to process the images at a much higher speed which also helps improve the performance of the camera.

  • The viewfinder

With the help of the intelligent viewfinder, the camera can now zero in on the AF points in red, especially in areas where there is an issue with the ambient light or if the location is dark.


  • Not so ‘silent’ shutter

There have been a few complaints with regards to the shutter for being too loud for comfort.

  • No Inbuilt Wi-Fi

A significant issue for the camera is the fact that there is no inbuilt Wi-Fi. It poses the dual challenge of not being able to view pictures live as well as share them. This is an issue that the manufacturers are looking into closely.


The features give us a clear idea about the performance of the camera. Being a professional camera with 4K video making, advanced autofocus sensors, efficient low light photography, this is ideal for those adventurous trips capturing wildlife, fast action, and the likes in the most strenuous environments.

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