Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Hit or Miss?

canon eos m3
The Canon Mirrorless Camera Line, in particular the Canon M3 in my opinion is definitely not a Miss, believe it or not I think this little camera will satisfy most camera enthusiast!

I actually use the canon 5d mark 3 for my work, but I needed to find a good option for my wife to learn and grow with for her video blogging needs.  At first we picked up the Sony a6300 which is a very cool little camera. Super Fast Auto Focus, 4k Video, Slog Profiles just to name a few highlights but at the end of the day it wasn’t enough for us to keep the camera.  I did a little more research find the Canon M3 and made the purchase. I own all canon gear  so it made sense to try the camera.

What my wife liked right away was the size and touch lcd (no touch screen on sony).  This little camera is perfect for anyone that films themselves a lot with a need to see what’s being filmed on screen.  It actually flips up which is perfect for her handheld selfie action.

Canon only makes about 4 lens to-date for the M Line, Canon eos M3 Lens but all you need is the Canon EOS M Adapter they sell that allows the use of pretty much the full range of ef and ef-s lens Canon Camera Lens for the camera with no loss of functions. When trying to adapt my canon lenses to the sony system I rented the Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony which worked great in photo mode. It was just like the lens was on a canon camera but soon as you flip the switch into video mode you lose autofocus in video mode which was my main concern for her. With the canon system regardless if it’s a Ef-M lens (native lens) or the Ef, Ef-s series with adapter all the features work close to the same full auto focus in photo or video mode.

The Camera has built in Wi-fi and NFC for quick online sharing. It also allows you to use custom picture profiles to match other canon cameras. The picture and video quality is surprisingly pretty darn good. I see no loss of quality in the form factor. The Touch LCd on the back makes it super easy to navigate the menu system or you can press the on camera buttons to move around. Canon users will seem at home as Canon sticks to the same layout as the larger Cameras.

One downside, if your use to looking through a viewfinder, this camera doesn’t come with on out of the box. You can however buy one which will run you about 200 bucks on average . Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I’m sure I will pick it up at some point as I feel this could be a camera to take on vacation without worrying about less quality from a larger camera.

Overall were happy with the purchase and will be posting images soon.

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