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17 Jul 2018

Why Do Customers Price Shop

“I spoke to 3 potential clients the other day and I thought everything went very well. They were so excited at the end of the conversation to book with me, got off the phone sent the booking link then nothing. Days pass by, I follow up only to find they booked a Photographer with Cheaper Rate… How do I avoid losing these deals? ” Looking for help www.coreyreese.com/apply

17 Jul 2018

Client session from ? to creation…

Client session from ? to creation… What’s in your head?

10 Sep 2016

Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV is Here!

Continuing on in their legacy of powerful workhorse cameras, Canon has released the 5D Mark IV DSLR which is an outstanding still photography option and an able 4K-capable video machine. This multimedia maven offers a newly developed 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor paired with the DIGIC 6+ image processor in order to balance fine detail and resolution with low-light performance and sensitivity. It is able to work within a native range of ISO 100-32000, which can then be expanded to an […]

01 Sep 2016
26 Aug 2016

Canon 1dx Mark2: A Camera With Powerful Performance

Photography is no child’s play. It involves years of work behind the lens capturing those small nuances. And before you know it, it is a passion and sometimes a profession.  Talking about professional cameras brings us to the Canon 1DX Mark 2. This is one of the best in its field, capturing sports, wildlife, reportage, weddings, media services and so much more. It is a photographer’s best friend in tough environments. Touted as one of the best cameras in the […]

26 Aug 2016

Best Mirrorless Cameras for Photographers

SLRs and DSLRs have been the best for a while now but the new wave has hit the market and it taking the world of photography by storm. A mirrorless camera is compact, small, easier to handle, but at the same time provides equal quality pictures (if not more) as a digital SLR provides. The basic difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras is the absence of a prism mirror combination which owes to making the viewfinder. Some mirrorless cameras do […]

26 Aug 2016

Why I Returned the Sony Alpha a6300

So my Wife does makeup and wanted to grab a camera that would allow her to film herself for makeup tutorials online and just wanted an all around camera she can use to take photos etc. My first mind was to get her a Canon Rebel t6s. So the research I did before hitting the store had nothing to do with the a6300. I actually knew nothing about the camera but we would soon find out… “The Sony A6300 is […]

26 Aug 2016

Retouching Secrets

Retouching is one of those things as a photographer that allows us to finish our your work with a nice polished look! The only problem is that process can take forever until NOW. I discovered Portraiture a few years ago and it has tremendously helped my post production work flow. It pretty much does most of the work for you as it relates to skin clean up without looking over retouched. Here is a quick sample without doing anything. I […]

26 Aug 2016

Secret to Natural Light Headshot

Natural light is the best source of light you will ever find. Did you KNOW that? At a recent shoot, I wanted to show you my exact setup for most of the headshots that I take outside. You can see my work at my site. Here’s my go to gear for headshots on location. Neewer 5 in 1 Portable Multi 40″x 60″/100 x 150CM Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM or Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens I normally […]

20 Apr 2016

Is Your Self-Tape Audition Costing You The Job?

I remember like it was yesterday, going to different auditions in person, filling out the casting sheet, getting in line behind everyone else that was called to audition… if it was an open casting call, you should be prepared to wait a while because everybody would be there looking for a shot! Fast forward 2016 and the Days of running around all day for in person Auditions has greatly shifted over to Self-Tape Auditions in Atlanta. What does this mean […]