Why I Returned the Sony Alpha a6300

So my Wife does makeup and wanted to grab a camera that would allow her to film herself for makeup tutorials online and just wanted an all around camera she can use to take photos etc. My first mind was to get her a Canon Rebel t6s. So the research I did before hitting the store had nothing to do with the a6300.

I actually knew nothing about the camera but we would soon find out…

“The Sony A6300 is the best camera, the agents said… The Auto Focus is super fast, it has updated S-log profiles for the filming, shoots 4k, and can record up to 120 frames per second in full hd 1080p. Being a gadget guy and going against my normal judgement we decided to get the Sony and left the store happy with our purchase.

Even though this purchase was for my wife (mostly), I knew it would be up to me to fully check out the camera and make sure it was a platform that would allow her to grow with her video’s as I teach her photography.

Jumping into using the camera, video mode was pretty cool, auto focus was indeed pretty good, but the photo’s did have a different look than I was use to. I’ve only used canon my entire life.
My cousin bought me the 5d Mark 2 the end of 2008 before the world knew what that camera would start. I followed up with buying the 5d mark III and later in 2013 bought the Canon c300 to film with. So needless to say everything I know has been Canon, Canon, and more Canon which is probably why I had a slight block when it came to trying to adapt for the Sony.


The lens was another thing. To get the most out of the camera she would need different lenses. Yes you can use the Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony but that would disable the autofocus in video mode which is a big no no for what she’s trying to do. At the end of the day, the updated features to me didn’t out weight having to buy more lenses, and gear when I could get her a canon and she can access my world of gear with no adapters needed.

Final Thoughts

Using the camera over the span of 15 days, I do think it has a place with many end users, specially people that has never owned any one brand. It’s packed with features and for the price it is pretty good. For now we will stuck with Canon until somethings makes me really change my mind and go against the grain with another system.


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