Is Your Self-Tape Audition Costing You The Job?

I remember like it was yesterday, going to different auditions in person, filling out the casting sheet, getting in line behind everyone else that was called to audition… if it was an open casting call, you should be prepared to wait a while because everybody would be there looking for a shot! Fast forward 2016 and the Days of running around all day for in person Auditions has greatly shifted over to Self-Tape Auditions in Atlanta.

What does this mean for you? Well actually something good…but before I get ahead of myself, there is something about this entire process I think you should know. Would you believe if your audition video looks poor, it will never get seen! In Fact they will skip right over it. You could have been the best actor/actress that submitted but they will never know about it. For any given submission they could receive hundreds of submissions and will not waste time on videos if the talent didn’t put the effort to make sure the material looks good. So how can you avoid this? Different Companies have started to emerge that are able to film and put you on camera so depending on how often you audition this could be a good option. Most run about $30 dollars for 30 minutes. If you audition often it will be worth it’s weight in gold to invest in some gear. Here are tips to keep in mind.

1. Lighting- Make sure you are well lit and your face can be seen clearly. See examples Below with Light Position


2. Sound- Most camera’s have omnidirectional mics and pick up audio in all direction so get as close to the camera as possible and turn off any TV’s, Radio’s and mute your phone.

3. Tripd- No one wants to see shaky cam, it’s distracting and will lose your viewer so get you a good simple tripod.

4. For #4 I decided to put some of the gear I use for Client Work that would also be cool for Self-Taping.

This light is very small, portable and it’s battery powered. It gets super bright and it’s very cheap at $29.99, I have 2 that work out well

You can power the lights with 6 AA batteries, I use Rechargeable Sony Style Battery $23.20

If you don’t have stands for your 2 lights here you go $22.99

Tripod $25.96

Now you have an opportunity to be seen for all kind of roles without driving around everywhere to make it happen. Of course if they like you, In person will be the next step to prove yourself in front of the casting Director so why not make sure it’s your best?

Great Luck and Let me know if you have any questions.

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